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A “Turnkey” Qualitative Education Project Delivery Solution

Specialized Resource Centres
ECOWAS Specialized Resource Centre

The ECOWAS Commission, has concluded countries surveys on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

UNESCO Resource Centre /
Initiative Program

The Resource centres as part of Technical Vocational training in some specific areas promote value addition processes for innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurial skills development in Agriculture and marketing, ICT and Business,

Specialized Resource Centres Gallery

Tanir Specialized Resource Centres provide quality for Technical and Vocational Education “Skill for Wealth Initiative” .

Tanir Corporation
Who we are

Tanir Corporation BVI is one of the most leading companies in the promotion of Science and Technology Education in Africa. Its vision of Science and Technology promotion and enhancement in Schools has been on going for 20 years. This impact of Science and Technology friendly user initiative has also been extended from primary Schools to universities.


Tanir is also known as a regional leader in Technology Training and Educational Scientific installations of projects in West Africa. Its system and projects are also supported by internationally recognized team researchers and academic experts in the field of Engineering, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Maritime, Project management and Consulting.

In our 20 years of existence in Nigeria, we have equipped with our Kits and equipment, over 5,000 Primary Schools, 6,500 Secondary Schools, 52 State and Federal Polytechnics, 102 Colleges of Education, 24 Federal Universities, and 9 Technical Colleges and have set up 9 skill acquisition Centres in the country. We have equally trained over 15, 000 teachers, lecturers, instructors and technicians.

Company Executive: Moshe Moalem - Chairman
About us


We achieve qualitative education project delivery solution through:

Establishment of State-of-the-Art Education Resource Centre

The Resource centres as part of Technical and Vocational training programme will in some specific areas promote value addition processes for innovation.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Educational Projects and Structures for quality assurance and in conformity with international best practices

Effective Teacher Training and capacity building programme

Review of Technical Education Curriculum in line with the demands of labor market and need assessment, to Ensuring training and re-training of technicians and Technical and Vocational instructors.

Supply of Education Instructional Materials to Schools across the State

Provision of Micro Science/Labless Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Equipment.

this is achieved by conducting practical test exercises on the spot for students of already trained teachers


The 21st Century educational needs is achieved by the provision and installation of state-of-the-art TVET Equipment for hands-on training 

and skill acquisition. 

Tanir corporation supplies the equipments to Technical Colleges based 

on International Curriculum for Technical and Vocational Education.

below are the catalogues of the various equipments/tools:



Browse through our various Gallery to see some of our equipments and the tremendous work we have been doing.






Tanir Corporation on-going projects are currently moving steadily, the West African countries are already benefiting well and also countries abroad.


"Water Elephant" Projects

A cost effective and independent solution project that solves the problem of procuring safe drinkable water throughout Africa. The MISSION is to hydrate Africa and other developing countries:

one village at a time.

On-going Projects

"Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can  Use to

Change the World"



The 21st Centurary Educational needs are achieved by the provision and installation of state-of-the-art-TVET Equipments for hands-on training and skill acquisition.

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