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Establishment of State-of-the-Art Education Resource Centre

The Resource centres as part of Technical Vocational training will:

  - In some specific areas promote value addition processes for innovation.

  - Bring the new methodology for effective teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics.

  - provides Job creation for the indigenes.

  - The kits to be provided at the resource centre are user friendly in that about 80% of them are made of unbreakable materials, those that require electricity came with power packed rechargeable batteries for use in rural areas (with no electricity) and an alternate current source (a/c). (For schools in urban cities with electricity.

These kits have been designed to be used as an instructional material to teach specific topics at different levels of education, based on the Nigeria science curriculum.

  - The center will serve as a regional center for manpower development

  -The center could be affiliated with a University for certification of trainees to enhance participation.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Educational Projects and Structures for quality assurance in line with international best practices.

Some of the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms adopted are:

- Visitation to all the beneficiary schools for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation

- Conducting practical test exercises on the spot for students of already trained teachers by using the Monitoring Evaluation Lab equipment.

Technical and Vocational Education “Skill for Wealth Initiative” for Technical Colleges

Rehabilitation and Renovation of existing Technical Colleges

Designing of workshops based on the needs to be agreed upon by both

Supply and installation of the State of the Art  Technical and
Vocational Education equipment to the workshops.

Six (6) Months intensive training of Teachers and Technologies by Skill
‘G’ experts on the  different courses offered at these colleges in line
with International/National Curriculum for Technical and Vocational

Writing and supply of textbooks to the Technical Colleges based on
International  Curriculum for Technical and Vocational Education

Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme
Three (3) years management of the project by Skill G before handing
over to the client.






Effective Teacher Training and capacity building programme

Review of Technical Education Curriculum in line with the demands of labor market and need assessment.

 - Ensuring training and re-training of technicians and Technical and Vocational instructors.

 - Training and Capacity Building for  Teachers on the new Methodology of teaching and learning Science, Technology and Mathematics

Supply of Education Instructional Materials to Schools across the State

Provision of Micro Science/Labless Science, Mathematics, Engineering
and Technology Equipment to Primary, JSS and SSS Schools, Colleges and

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